Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit an artwork to MW Art Services?

Click on the Get Started button. The details we need are the artist name, materials, dimensions and provenance if you have it. We require a minimum of three good photos and any further information you may have.

What happens after I submit an artwork online?

Our team of art experts will evaluate your artwork and check it is suitable for MW Art Services and our clients. You will typically hear back from us within two weeks.

Can you tell me the fees and costs to sell my artwork with MW Art Services?

We charge a fixed flat fee of £500 per artwork listed with us. If you wish to use our Premium service there is an additional 40 – 5% charge based on valuation and assessment for actively brokering a deal.

Does MW Art Services provide a restoration service?

Our team include experienced restorers who can provide a separate quotation for any repairs needed prior to sale.

What kind of artworks does MW Art Services sell?

We specialise in Modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, sculpture and ceramics. If you have other works of art such as photography or textiles these can be sent to us for evaluation.