Whether it is large-scale exterior sculptures, gallery installations or domestic interiors we have the experience.

MW Art Services provide full art installation and de-installation for galleries and private clients. MW Art Services and Installation is headed by the same personnel who conduct our Messums gallery installations – needless to say, their work is carried out to the highest of standards and is on display not only across our three galleries in the UK but in client’s homes and gardens.

Whether it’s a half day hanging a picture in the home, installing an exhibition or using specialised equipment to move a large-scale installation piece, MW Art Services have an experienced team who can fulfill your requirements.



Domestic Installation


Moving pictures around is one of the best way to enjoy them anew. Whether it is installing a new painting you have bought or advice on rehanging your collection.

Our team will help you get more out of your art collection and tackle those installs you don’t feel comfortable with!

Large-scale Installation


Requiring planning, permissions and management, our team have installed in all sorts of places.

Ground works, delivery, location all start with a consideration of the right place. MW Art Services are available to advise, quote or execute to instructions.

Exhibition Planning 


A specialist service for artists and institutions who would like to outsource the preparation and installation of the exhibition programming.

Our team are able to store exhibitions and install to a schedule with requisite qualifications.